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Best tights. Fashion nylons and tights by DEN. Online Thick stockings and thin tights. New plus size stockings xl/xxl/xxxl. Cheap and warm tights. Fashionable stockings and nylons as an outfit for clothes.

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The abbreviation DEN indicated the fineness and weight of the silk from which modern and fashionable hosiery was made. Although the latter is already made of nylon fiber, the abbreviation caught on and is still used today. It means how many grams of fiber are there for a length of 1000 meters.

In principle, the lower the number, the thinner and more translucent the nylons. And the bigger the number, the tighter, thicker and warmer the high-waisted stockings are.

In winter and autumn, therefore, choose easily 40 DEN, 60 to 100 DEN or more, but in summer and spring reach for 7 to 15 DEN or 20 DEN, depending on the social event, ball, wedding, or the purpose of your use.


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